Business Opportunities

Target Buyer:
(1) Seasoned Elevator/Lift Tech who works in the field performing Maintenance& Service.
(2) Wants to own the business
(3) Has a book of maintenance customers.

(1) Earn $50,000 (+) per year performing maintenance and service. (South Jersey & Phila. Area)
(2) Small initial investment.
(3) Will own 49% of business in five (5) years.
(4) Can purchase balance 51% of the business after (5) years (OR)
(5) Continue running the Service/ Maintenance Department for the next (5) years (No purchase required)
Buyer’s Responsibility:
(1) Provide Maintenance & Service as required to satisfy our customers.
(2) Train & manage any future Techs or helpers as needed.
(3) Sign up new Maintenance customers.
(1) Work from home base.
(2) Local parts and materials provided
(3) Job tickets via cell phone
(4) Use of Company truck
(5) All scheduling and business needs will be provided until 100% owned by Buyer.